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Baggage information
Hand Luggage
Adults, young adults and children
1 handbag/laptop bag (max. 23kg / 51lb and up to 40 x 30 x 15cm / 16 x 12 x 6in)
plus 1 additional cabin bag (max. 23kg / 51lb and up to 56 x 45 x 25cm / 22 x 18 x 10in)
Infants (under 2)
1 cabin bag for items required during the flight (max. 23kg / 51lb and up to 56 x 45 x 25cm / 22 x 18 x 10in)
How to store your bags on board
To help you get to your destination on time, we will attach a yellow tag to your handbag or laptop bag. You can also collect one from the check-in desk or by speaking to a member of British Airways staff.
Place the bag with the yellow tag under the seat in front of you (except when traveling in First, Club World, Club World London City, or if you sit in an exit row or bulkhead seat at the front of the cabin).
Your additional cabin bag goes into the overhead locker. If we do not have space on board, you will need to check in this bag into the aircraft hold.
If any of your hand baggage is over the size or weight limit, or you have more hand baggage than your allowance, you will need to check it in, and it will count towards your checked baggage allowance. If this then takes you over your free checked baggage allowance, or if you are traveling on a hand baggage only (Basic) fare, you will need to pay for extra baggage at the airport rate.
If your bag also exceeds the weight limit of your checked bag allowance, you may need to pay an overweight bag charge as well.
Your checked baggage allowance is the total number of bags, their size, and weight that go into the aircraft hold. This varies depending on the cabin you're traveling in, your frequent flyer member status and other factors.
Checked-in Baggage in Economy:

Adults and young adults (from 12 years)
1 bag (max. 23kg / 51lb)
Children and infants (up to 11)
1 bag (max. 23kg / 51lb)
One fully collapsible pushchair (stroller) and one car seat
Please note that hand luggage and checked-in luggage allowances can vary according to BA destination, please check on the BA website.

Children information

Discounted fares for children
Children are those over two and under twelve years old at the time of travel.

British Airways offers a limited number of discounts for selected short haul routes. On long haul routes they offer some discounted fares, howeve,r they do vary, so please check your price quote for full details.

Infants are those aged under two years at the time of travel. The youngest an infant can be to travel is 48 hours old and British Airways also advise you to ensure that the treating doctor agrees to the infant traveling.

An infant fare is charged at 10% of the adult fare when the infant does not have his/her own seat, but sits on an adult’s lap. Plus airport taxes and fees.
If you want your infant to sit in his/her own seat (they must be between 6 and 23 months), you will be charged the child fare.
There must be one adult accompanying each infant, however:
If one adult wishes to travel with a second infant, this is only possible if the second infant is aged between 6 and 23 months. He or she must be seated in an approved car-type seat and we will be charged the child fare
If the second infant is under 6 months you must travel with a second accompanying adult or a British Airways escort, for which there is a charge.
Infants who become children during traveling
If you are traveling with an infant who reaches the age of two during their journey, you must book a separate seat for them for the flights on and after their birthday.

The fare charged will remain at the infant rate for the entire journey, regardless that a seat has been booked for some flights.

Bookings should be made according to the age of the infant at the time of travel. You will need to contact us so we can ensure that your child has a seat after their 2nd birthday.
Making a forward booking if you are pregnant
If you want to make a booking for travel after you have given birth, you only need to book for yourself.

Once your baby has been born, please contact us and we will arrange to make payment and issue a ticket for your baby. You will then receive a ticket in your baby's name.

Children meals
British Airways offers a selection of healthy, balanced meals made with children in mind which you can order online so that you're prepared.

When you fly, British Airways' feed kids first’ policy allows you to see that the little ones are satisfied so that you can enjoy your own meal.

Order your child's meal online or call us to arrange it for you.

British Airways offers on-board bottle and baby-food warming facilities on our long haul flights - you may only bring un-opened food in a sealed jar with you.

British Airways do not carry infant meals or baby milk on-board so we recommend that you carry your own baby food and equipment (liquids and sufficient supplies of sterilized bottles) in your hand baggage.
British Airways are not able to sterilize bottles or provide sterilized water


British Airways cannot currently transport pets on their flights from Germany, Austria and Denmark. Find out more about transporting your pet on British Airways.
Please contact us to transport your pet on Comair.
Pet Travel Scheme
This scheme allows cats and dogs to travel between certain countries and certain UK airports without the need to go through the usual 6 months quarantine. Find out more about DEFRA.

Traveling with a Guide/Assistance Dog
Please contact us to make special arrangements for your Guide/Assistance Dog, to ensure they are able to travel with you in the aircraft cabin.
Certified Assistance Dogs for blind, deaf or disabled passengers travel free of charge in the aircraft cabin on most flights from the UK; and provided dogs are compliant with the Pet Travel Scheme, on all British Airways routes approved by DEFRA to the UK.

Routes approved by DEFRA

For travel, into the UK, in the cabin, your first point of entry must be either London Heathrow, London Gatwick, or Manchester.
To avoid quarantine in the UK, the animal must travel under the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS).
Assistance dogs in the cabin and connecting on flights at London must be compliant with the Pet Travel Scheme.
On other approved routes, Certified Assistance Dogs for blind, deaf or disabled passengers travel free of charge as unaccompanied pets and are carried in the aircraft hold.
Notify us when traveling with a Guide/Assistance Dog

Preparing your Guide Dog/Assistance Dog for travel
Bring a dog car safety harness or equivalent to secure your dog during take off and landing (a collar and lead will not be acceptable for this).
On long haul flights, we suggest you bring a fleece/vet bed for your dog.
You need to contact DEFRA if traveling to or through London, who require a faxed copy of all relevant documentation prior to travel.
Refer to the government website of the country to which you’re traveling for any additional entry requirements or documentation that may need completing.
Contact us at least seven days prior to travel to notify us that you wish to travel with a Guide Dog/Assistance Dog.
Check in for your flight at an airport check-in desk in order to complete travel documentation and formalities prior to going through airport security.
Read more about traveling with Guide dogs/assistance dogs