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Reservations from the USA: 001 (212) 581 5600

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Baggage information

Baggage Allowance
Baggage allowances depend on the class. Passengers with checked baggage exceeding the allowance will be charged for excess Baggage. For more details  on excess baggage charges you should contact your local EGYPTAIR office. Checked baggage cannot exceed 32 kg per piece.

Checked Baggage - (Weight concept)

Class                                              Maximum Weight
F                                                      40 kg (88 lbs)
C                                                     30 kg (66 lbs)
Y                                                      20 kg (44 lbs)
Star Alliance Gold in F                Additional 20 kg (44 lbs)
Star Alliance Gold in C               Additional 20 kg (44 lbs)
Star Alliance Gold in Y                Additional 20 kg (44 lbs)
Infants in F, C, Y                          10 kg (23 lbs)

N.B. EGYPTAIR Silver Plus card holders are only entitled for additional 20 kgs on online MS flights only

Checked Baggage - (Piece concept)
To/from Canada and USA

Classes F, C -  32 kg max weight, 2 pieces with max dimension  158 cm (62 in.)
Class Y -    23 kg max weight, 2 pieces with max dimension  158 cm (62 in.)
Star Alliance Gold in F, C -   32 kg, 2 pieces + 1 extra, 158 cm (62 in.)
Star Alliance Gold in Y - 23 kg 2 + 1 extra 158 cm(62 in.)
Infants in F, C, Y  - 23 kg, 1 piece + 1 fold-up collapsible stroller 158 cm (62 in.)

N.B. EGYPTAIR Silver Plus card holders are only permitted for one extra piece on online MS flights only
Max Dimension include length + wide +height

Carry-on Baggage Policy


Class Weight per Piece Number of Pieces
MS and/or Star Alliance Gold in F 8 2
MS and/or Star Alliance Gold in C 8 2
MS and/or Star Alliance Gold in Y 8 1
Maximum Measurements per piece 8 23x40x55 (cm)


N.B. Carry-on policy applies :
- Except where restricted by government regulation.
- For certain flights operated by small size aircraft , restriction may apply.
- For flights to/from/within U.S.,only (1) carry-on and a personal item are allowed , due to government regulation.

For code share flights on UNITED AIRLINES
- UNITED AIRLINES allows 1 piece of cabin baggage and 1 personal item for all first, business and economy class with a maximum dimension per piece of 19 x 31 x 53. This also applies to infants not occupying a seat.

You are only allowed to take small quantities of liquids in your hand luggage. These liquids must be in individual Containers with a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters each. You must pack these containers in one transparent, Re-sealable plastic bag of not more than one liter capacity per passenger. Present all liquids carried to the screeners at Security checkpoints for examination.

Items that may be carried on to the plane in hand luggage:
- A purse (money + credit cards)
- Travel documents
- Prescription medications (only those required for use on the flight)
- Eyeglasses and sunglasses (without the case)
- Contact lenses with a small amount of liquid (without the actual bottle for the liquid)
- Equipment for babies: baby food, milk in a baby bottle, diapers, diaper cream
- Products for personal hygiene: tissues, handkerchief, women's personal hygiene products
- Keys, but not electronic keys
- Laptop computer
- Toothbrush
- Hairbrush
- Food: sandwich, fruit, vegetables and any product that is not liquid; pencils and non-liquid pens
- Cigarettes without a lighter

Children information

How many Infants can I book in the same booking?
Number of Infants is related to the number of responsible adults in the same reservation, e.g: If you book two adults you can book up to two infants.

Can my child (between 6-12 years old) travel alone?
EGYPTAIR is accepting children between 6 and 12 years of age for unaccompanied transportation only on its services without any additional charges provided that:

-An authorized guardian delivers the child at the airport of departure.
-An Egyptair indemnity form for unaccompanied minor has been issued and duly signed.

Air travel not recommended for:
· Newborn babies less than seven days old.
· Premature babies, unless a special form providing medical clearance. A qualified physician, nurse or medical attendant must accompany premature babies requiring medical attention.


Can I travel with my pet?
Egypt air will accept live animal for carriage as checked baggage (dogs, cats, household birds and other pets) when properly prepared and accompanied by valid health vaccination certificate, and subject to country of destination customs regulations.

Pets into the cabin
It is permitted to transport pets in the cabin if the total weight of animal and container does not exceed 5kg and container dimension does not exceed 45x35x20cm. The passengers should provide these container. Pet must be small enough to be carried at all times in a pet container which must fit under seat in row in front of the passenger.  The limitations do not apply to seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs. For more information, it is recommended that passengers who want to take their pets during their flight o/b Egypt air flights should refer to the nearest Egypt air sales offices to confirm acceptance of their animal.

Traveling with Pets
All EGYPTAIR aircrafts, except for Boeing 737, accommodate live animals according to below rules and conditions.
- The weight of accompanied pets including the weight of containers and food carried shall not be included in the free Baggage allowance of the passenger but shall be charged to and paid by the passenger at the rate applicable to excess Baggage
- Acceptance for carriage of pets is subject to the condition that passenger assumes full responsibility for such pet.
- EGYPTAIR shall not be liable for injury to or loss delay, sickness or death of such pets or in the event that is refused entry into or passage through any country state or territory.
- Pets remain subject to custom regulations at country of destination .
- Cats and dogs are allowed in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Qatar and United Arab of Emirates only as freight in the aircraft hold.
- Cats and dogs are not allowed in Republic of Yemen even if as freight in the aircraft hold.
- Animals which are not accompanied by a passenger or which are of Unusual size and nature only be carried as cargo.
- Passenger should carry sufficient food for his pets for the journey.
- The pet must remain in the container while in the aircraft cabin.
- The pet and its container are weighed together and charged as excess baggage. For USA and Canada flights, a set charge is applied.