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Baggage information

Checked Baggage Policy

Prohibited Items List
Documents, keys, cash, travellers’ checks, credit and debit cards, securities; All sorts of jewellery, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones; Electronic or technical devices and accessories for them, such as: computers, photo cameras, video cameras, cell phones etc. All sorts of gases in pressurized vessels; Hazardous chemicals; Antique objects, valuable objects of art; Fragile or perishable goods.

Weight of baggage allowance
Economy Class – free baggage allowance up to 20 kg.
Business Class –The standard allowance is highereach kilogram for holders of the Golden Frequent Flyer Card and some specific categories of passengers.
The weight of each separate piece of baggage may not exceed 30 kg
Any excess baggage is charged per kilogram, depending on the destination. Baggage of greater weight is not accepted for transportation and each piece of baggage must be packed.

Note: If you are flying on a code-share partner of “ Bulgaria Air”, please check with the operating carrier for maximum acceptance rules of checked baggage allowance as they may be different.

Hand baggage Policy
Each passenger is allowed to take one hand baggage with maximum size 55х40х23 см and weight up to 10 kg. The different types of aircraft, which the company operates have different limits, so you may inform yourself about them at the time of purchase of your ticket.

Additional items you can take on the aircraft:
- Canes or crutches
- Books and newspapers for in-flight reading
- Folding baby carriages, baby cribs

The passengers are allowed to carry on liquids or gels in containers up to 100mL/100g, toothpastes, shaving foams, creams and shampoos if they are packaged in a separate transparent plastic bag of a volume not exceeding 1 litre. This restriction applies to any liquids purchased at airport duty free stores. Exceptions are allowed only in regard to infant foods and medicines, required during the flight.

Combining luggage weight: the allowances for transportation of hand and checked baggage may not be combined
For more information please contact the Call Centre before purchasing a ticket, in order to clarify the specific terms.

Children information