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Baggage information

Checked baggage
On flights by Czech Airlines, the maximum weight of one piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg (70 lb), due to technical reasons. Exceptions apply for a passenger’s wheelchair, animals, musical instruments, TV cameras, and sports equipment that cannot be divided into several pieces.
Carriage of your baggage is free of charge, provided that it meets the weight and size limits.

You may carry checked baggage complying with the following conditions:
In Europe and the Near East - 30 kg in Business Class, Economy Class  in  20 kg
To/from USA/Canada 2 pieces/32 kg/158 cm 1 piece/23 kg/158 cm*
* When a flight is operated by CSA on the first leg of the journey, the second piece of baggage (where the sum of all three dimensions does not exceed 158 cm (62 ins) and the weight does not exceed 23 kg (50 lbs) will be checked-in free of charge for:

* Passengers with a ticket purchased in the Y or M booking class, or
* Passengers with SKYTEAM ELITE and ELITE Plus status including OK Plus Silver, Gold and Platinum card holders

In your checked baggage, you may not carry money, cheques, credit cards, securities or other valuables, commercial or other personal documents, passports or other personal identification documents, medicines, keys, mobile telephones, spectacles and sunglasses, jewellery and articles made of precious metals, cameras, video-cameras or other electronic devices (including personal computers, laptops, and CDs with databases), art, and fragile articles.

Hand Baggage
You can also carry one piece of hand baggage free of charge, and items for personal use:
- One item should have the maximum dimensions - length 56 x width 45 x depth 25 cm, the sum of the 3 dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm (45 in))
- Lady’s handbag
- Overcoat, shawl or blanket
- Umbrella or walking stick
- A small camera, video camera, or a pair of binoculars
- A laptop computer
- Reading material for the flight
- An infant’s food (for consumption in flight) and a carrying basket
- A fully-collapsible wheelchair for a disabled passenger, and/or crutches or a supporting device

Carry-on baggage on all flights
Business Class - 2 items/18 kg, including personal items /115 cm
Economy Class -  1 item/12 kg including personal items /115 cm

You are only permitted to take small quantities of liquids in your cabin luggage or on your person. These liquids must be in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each. You must pack these containers in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity not exceeding one litre per person.
Liquids include: Water and other drinks, soups, syrups; Creams, lotions and oils; Perfumes; Sprays; Gels, including hair and shower gels; Contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, setting foams, other foams and deodorants; Pastes, including toothpaste; Liquid-solid mixtures and any other item of similar consistency.

You can take the following liquids on board:
Liquids for use during the flight, such as liquids required for medicinal purposes or due to special dietary requirements, including baby food. If you are carrying liquids for medicinal purposes or baby food, make sure they do not exceed the quantity required for the flight. Security staff may ask you to taste the liquid (e.g., baby food) or present a document of its origin (e.g., if carrying insulin, you must show a medical certificate or a prescription in your name).

Children information

Children Under 2 Years (so-called “infants”), travelling with adult passengers:
They can travel in the lap of an adult passenger, or have their own seat:
- For children not entitled to a seat, you will be usually charged at 10% of the price of the applicable tariff, as a rule (or of a special tariff for adult passengers, unless the tariff conditions specify otherwise, and the tariff does not offer a discount for infants);
- For a child who has his/her own seat, you will usually be charged a price of two-thirds of the applicable tariff
+ During take-off, landing, and at any time during the flight when the seatbelt sign is switched on, your child must sit in your lap and wear a seatbelt attached to yours, or must be seated and strapped in his/her own infant car seat certified for airplane travel.

On flights operated by Czech Airlines, you can travel with up to two children under two years of age
      - One child pays 10% of the applicable tariff and is not entitled to his/her own seat; the second is entitled to his/her own seat and pays 67% of the applicable tariff;
      - The second child, who is entitled to his/her own seat, must have his/her own infant car seat certified for airplane travel, or book a specially certified infant seat with Czech Airlines (the special seats are designed for children over 6 months of age and can be requested at no charge with the booking of a ticket).
During the flights, the smallest children can get special refreshments – a so-called baby meal (which must be ordered when you book your ticket)
The food you bring with you in a bottle can be warmed up on board. (Note: The carriage of baby food on board is subject to security regulations).

Children Aged 2 to 12 Years:
- Your children have their own ticket with a special children’s tariff.
- They have the same baggage allowance as adults.
- During the flight, they are offered a special children’s programme Jetsters, to keep them entertained during the flight.
- On board, they receive the same refreshments as adults, or special refreshments, a so-called children’s meal (which must be ordered when the ticket is booked).
- On the airplane, your children are seated with you.

Does the Czech Airlines offer an infant luggage allowance?
If you are travelling with in infant (a child aged up to 2 years, not entitled to his/her own seat), you can check a bag for him/her weighing up to 10kg (22 lb), with the maximum dimensions adding up to 115cm (45 in), and a folded pram. On flights to/from the USA and Canada, they can travel with one piece of luggage
A child aged 2 to 12 years (entitled to his/her own seat) may check baggage within the same allowance as an adult passenger.

Aside from regular baggage, a folding buggy (or a portable crib or a sleeping bag, or an infant car seat), nappies, blankets, and refreshments for the trip can be checked for a child (security instructions require that all food be in its original packaging or in a child bottle).


Pets can travel on board of Czech Airlines flights:
- With you in the cabin (as cabin baggage)
- In the hold, as checked baggage
- In the hold, as cargo

Carrying pets in the Aircraft Cabin
 Оnly dog, cat, rabbit, or chinchilla are permitted to travel in the cabin with you if they meet following conditions:
- The animal must be placed in a suitable kennel, no larger than 109 linear cm./43 linear inches, and no heavier than 8 kg/18 lbs (including the weight of the animal).
- You must report to check-in at least 60 minutes before your flight
- Only two small animals can travel in one plane (one in Economy Class and one in Business Class)
- A fee according to the relevant tariff will be charged for the carriage of your animal

An exception applies to rescue and police dogs on duty, and assistance dogs for passengers with handicaps. These animals are carried in the cabin preferentially, without a crate, and at no charge.

Carriage of pets in the Airplane Hold as Checked Baggage
As checked baggage, you can carry a dog, cat, rabbit, or a ferret in the aircraft’s hold (other animals can only be carried as cargo). Animals are carried subject to the following conditions:
- The carriage of animals in the hold as checked baggage is permitted only on flights to certain countries
- Your animal must be carried in a crate with a solid bottom and openings for breathing (max. dimensions are 125 x 69 x 80 cm); a crate can be purchased at the airport
- Your name, address, and telephone number must be marked on the create
- Your pet has all necessary health documents required by your destination
- A fee according to the relevant tariff will be charged for the carriage of your animal

The pet will be checked in when you check your other baggage. The airport staff will check whether the kennel complies with the regulations, whether the animal has enough space in it, and whether food and water are provided, which can be added from the outside. At the same time, they will check your animal’s papers and health.

Czech Airlines can refuse to transport an animal due to illness, aggressive behavior, poor kenneling, or extreme temperatures at origin, transfer, or destination airports.