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Baggage information

Hold baggage checked in

When you leave your baggage at the check-in desk or at the Baggage Delivery Point, you will receive a label (receipt) that you must retain until you collect it at your destination.

Size and weight of baggage
  Size (standard): the total length+width+height of each item must not exceed 158 cm, including strap, pocket and wheels (expect for certain special baggage)
  Weight (standard): Each item that you check will have a free maximum weight of 23 kg. If the item exceeds 23 kg and weighs up to a maximum of 32 kg, an excess baggage charge of €60 per item will apply. Tickets issued with resident discount in The Canaries, Balearics, Ceuta and Melilla, an excess weight charge of 15€ will be applied on the first suitcase, except for IB5000 series flights. Under no circumstances will baggage in excess of 32 kg* be accepted.

Certain individual items of baggage (pieces), such as musical instruments, TV cameras, commercial spare parts, etc., weighing between 32 kg and 45 kg may be allowed, taking into account special excess weight and with a charge of €150.

Number of free items allowed

For Long Haul flights to/from America(1) and South Africa
Business Class Plus - you can take maximum size and weight 158 cm and 23 kg

Full Tourist (Y), Excursion Tourist (B), Business fares -  2 standard items
Economy Tourist -  1 standard item

For short and medium haul domestic and European flights and
Flights to/from Africa and The Middle east

Business Class - 2 standard items
Tourist(2) -  1 standard item

For flights operated by Iberia, Club Fiesta Iberia, Iberia Plus Silver, Gold and Platinum cardholders can always check in an extra item (up to 23 kg) to the amount which appears on their ticket free of charge.

Children aged two and over have the same free baggage allowance as adults. Children aged two and under on an infant’s ticket will have the same free baggage allowance as the adult with whom they are travelling, plus a foldaway chair/stroller.

When you are travelling on connecting flights and/or with another airline, you have to know that each airline that operates a flight sets the free baggage allowance that passengers can take on its flights without any charge and in line with its weight, dimensions and content limitations and the conditions of each airline.
Details about the airline that is operating your flight are available at bookings management.

Maximum dimension for hand luggage

The maximum size must be 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (115 cm), including handle, pockets and wheels. Also:

- It must fit the measuring supports available in the check-in areas
- It must fit the closed overhead lockers installed for this purpose, or below the passenger’s seat.
- If your baggage is over size or overweight it will be taken from you at the boarding gate.

Number of pieces of luggage/pieces and maximum weight allowed
Business Plus - 2 pieces up to 18kg
Business Class - 1 pieces up to 14kg
Tourist class - 1 pieces up to 10kg. The baggage allowance for Iberia Plus Platinum, Gold and Club Fiesta customers travelling in tourist class is the same as for business class.

Additional items you can take:
A handbag or small briefcase
A coat, a cape or a travel rug
An umbrella or a walking stick
A pair of crutches
A camera/small video camera or a pair of binoculars
A portable cot or a foldable wheelchair (umbrella type) which, when appropriately labelled, can usually be transported free of charge in the baggage hold.
A laptop computer
A nursery bag carrying the baby’s food

You can take on board small amounts of liquids in a transparent plastic bag with adhesive or zip-type closure that have a total capacity of no more than 1 litre.

To avoid interference with the aircraft systems, the use of any of the following devices is not permitted at any time during the flight (including take off and landing):
- Mobile telephones (except whilst doors remain open)
- Two way radio transmitters (Walkie-talkies)
- Remote control toys
- Peripheral devices for computers or games connected by a cable.(i.e. Printer/fax, external drives)
- AM/FM Radios
- Televisions
- Cordless mouse

Children information

Minors under 2 years of age

Children who are not yet 2 years of age and who do not occupy a seat will pay 10% of the fare. If they occupy a seat, the conditions applicable will be the same as for children between 2 and 11 years of age. Safety regulations must be borne in mind in the latter case, according to which you must provide an approved car seat in which the baby will travel.

When you travel with your baby and you take the pram with you, you have the option of keeping the pram with you until you board the aircraft or checking it in with the rest of your luggage. If you do take it to the aircraft entrance, it may be transported in the cabin when cabin space allows. Otherwise, it will taken by the flight attendants, placed in the hold and handed over at the aircraft door on arrival (where feasible).

If you check it in as hold baggage, it will be collected with the rest of your baggage from the carousels in the arrivals hall.

Babies under eight months of age

On intercontinental routes, Iberia aircraft are equipped with a certain number of comfort cots in which babies of up to eight months of age may rest and 11 kg. maximum weight.

These skycots, along with the seats for the adult passengers who accompany the infant, cannot be booked online.
One adult travelling with two minors under the age of two
Flight safety regulations require any single adult passenger wishing to travel with two babies to provide an approved car seat in which one of them will fly and which must be positioned in the seat adjacent to that of the adult passenger.
The other baby must travel in the arms of the adult passenger, wearing the additional seatbelt provided by the crew, as has been the case to date.
The fare applicable to the baby in the car seat will be the same as that of a child between the ages of 2 and 12.

Minors between 2 and 11 years of age

Children who have reached their second birthday and are under the age of 12 travel at 50% of the fare on full price domestic flights (i.e. without restrictions). A percentage will be applied to reduced fares on the basis of the fare chosen. That percentage will vary on international flights, depending on the destination and the fare applied. Such discounts will not be applied to certain special offers.


Pets into the cabin
Certain pets may be carried in the cabin, if they meet the following conditions:

* The weight of the animal, including the container or cage must not be more than 8 kg. The container may be a maximum of 45 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 25 cm in depth, provided that the sum of those 3 measurements does not exceed 105 cm.
* Animals must be carried in suitable containers (solid, ventilated and secure, and with a leakproof base). Such containers may be provided by passengers or purchased from Iberia. In the event of a container failing to meet the minimum conditions for admittance, it will be rejected when boarding.
* Birdcages must be durable and have a secure lock. It must not be possible for food or drink to be spilled therein. Additionally, cages must always be covered.
* In the case of animals of reduced size or weight, several of the same species may be admitted in a single container.
* Under no circumstances will animals whose particular characteristics, unpleasant odour, etc., may disturb other passengers or the crew be admitted.
* Animals must travel with the passenger, without disturbing those travelling alongside them.
* Passengers carrying an animal in the cabin may not occupy seats in rows corresponding to emergency exits.
* Under no circumstances may animals be released from their containers inside the cabin. Caring for the animals will be the responsibility of the passenger.

As the number of cages is restricted on the basis of the type of aircraft involved, the carriage of animals must be authorised by the booking office. Authorisation will only be given for journeys when all legs of the journey are confirmed. The size and weight of animals must be within the limits established for inbound and outbound flights alike.

Countries with laws restricting the bringing in of animals:
Animals in the cabin (PETC) or in the hold (AVIH) will not be admitted for destinations Ireland and South Africa.
Great Britain accepts no animals of any kind.
Brazil allows no birds of any species.

Charges for pets

Cabin rates for animals: PETC
Domestic:€25 per flight.
European, African (except South Africa): €50 per flight.
American flights:€150 per flight.

Hold rates for animals: AVIH
Domestic, European, African (except South Africa) and Middle East flights: €120 per flight.
American and South African flights: €300 per flight.
For origin America, Nigeria or Israel: 300USD per flight