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Baggage information

Carry on baggage
Each passenger may carry, without additional charges, one piece of hand baggage suitable for placing under the seat in front or in the closed overhead rack.
Maximum dimensions: not exceed 115 cm (length 56 cm, width 45cm and 25 cm).
Maximum weight must not exceed 7 kg.

Checked baggage allowance
Economy Class 20 kg
Royal Silk Class 30 kg
Royal First Class is 40 kg
Surplus weight over the baggage allowance will be charged at the standard excess baggage rate.
Royal Orchid Plus Gold members are entitled to check in an additional 20 kg on THAI flights and Star Alliance carriers with priority baggage handling;
Royal Orchid Plus Silver members an additional 10kg on THAI flights with priority baggage handling.

For travel to/ from Canada and the U.S.A
Baggage Allowance: 2 pieces
Maximum Dimensions: 62 linear inches/157 cm (length + width + height)
Maximum Weight for passengers in all classes: 70 lb/32 kg
First /Silk Class maximum weight per piece is 32 kgs.(70 lbs.)
Economy Premium/Economy Class - 23 kgs.(50 lbs.) per piece
Frequent Flyer Gold Members are permitted to 1 extra piece in any class of services.

A child (2-12 years) occupying a seat is entitled to the same free luggage as an adult passengers.
An infant (not occupying seat) is entitled to one piece of checked luggage, the sum of whose three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm (45 inches) at maximum weight of 23 gs. Plus one fully-collapsible child stroller or pushchair or infant-carrying basket.

Children information

Do I need to reserve a seat for my infant?
Children up to 2 years old (24 months), are not required to have their own seat. You must, however, inform Thai Airways that you will be traveling with an infant on your lap.
Only one lap child is allowed per adult. If one adult is traveling with more than one infant under 2 years of age, a seat will have to be purchased for each additional infant.
You can also choose to purchase a seat for your infant as long as you have the proper child restraint device. Infant fares may also be available.

Will I pay for my infant to travel internationally?
Yes, a child under 2 years old (24 months) is charged a percentage of an adult fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight. Contact Thai Airways for more information.

What if my child turns 2 on the trip; will I have to buy a ticket for the return flight?
Yes, a ticket will have to be purchased for any flight on which the infant will be over 2 years old.

Are there onboard facilities for infants?
Request them in advance. Infant shall entitle for a baby bassinet with the condition that weight does not exceed 10 kgs, height does not exceed 67 cm and the infant is less than 6 months old. They can be attached to bulkhead anchors. Parents can use their own baby car seat provided it has been certified by the government of manufacturer's country and provided the infant is flying on a child's fare ticket. Diapers are available onboard and there are fold-down diaper changing boards in the toilets.

Are there special children's meals?
THAI serves special child and infant meals. Requests must be made at least 48 hours before departure. You cannot request specific brands of baby meals or powder milk.

Children are entitled to the same free baggage allowance as adult passengers.


THAI Airways USA
Advanced arrangements for pet travel services must be made at time of booking, at least 48 hours prior to flight departure. Passengers are required to alert their travel agent or local THAI office at the time of booking that they will be traveling with their pet. THAI’s staff will check on space availability and provide advice on regulations for the travel of pets to final destination and/or transit points. 
In general, there are four ways to transport pets with THAI:

Please ensure that all necessary documents have been obtained before departing as follows:
- Valid export and import permits from the relevant animal quarantine officer
- Valid health and rabies vaccination certificate from the authorizing veterinarian
- The Animal Quarantine Bureau of Japan must be notified at least 40 days in advance of scheduled arrival of dogs and cats that will enter Japan. The Bureau will issue a document known as ‘Approval of Inspection of Animal’.
- Prior to entering India, a –No Objection Certificate- (NOC) must be issued locally by the Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS).
- Dogs and cats entering EU communities must be implanted with Microchip.
- Some countries, e.g. UK, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong (SAR China), have imposed regulations to allow pets into their countries as cargo only. Please refer to the topic –Cargo-.
* THAI strongly recommends that passengers obtain details regarding documents required for pet transportation from the relevant embassy website or your nearest embassy.
- There are a limited number of pets allowed, due to rules and regulations of each country.
- Some breeds of dogs, e.g. pitbull or terrier dogs, are prohibited into some countries, such as Thailand.
- Dogs and cats less than 6 months old are prohibited entry into some countries.
- Sick/injured/pregnant pets are prohibited from transport.

THAI Airways UK
Pets will be carried in the hold but cannot be considered part of the normal baggage allowance and will be charged at the normal excess baggage rate.
All pets must have a proper export certificate which needs to be completed by a veterinarian and can be subject to import duty into Thailand. It is important to ensure that the animal has sufficient space to stand and move in comfort.